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Know Whether You Have an Insurance Claim

"We find that time is the biggest problem resulting in a mold claim. The longer it sits, the more it grows. The more it grows, the harder it is to deal with."

This is the major factor for determining mold damage insurance claims availability. Homeowners insurance does cover mold, water and fire damage issues - that's what it's there for.  A large percentage of Emergency Restoration Services referral work is through most major homeowner's insurance companies.

However, there are factors where the homeowner may be at fault and denied coverage.  For instance, a homeowner waiting too long after a water damage event to resolve the problem. The key word for coverage is "preventable".

All water-based damage events have the strong possibility of generating mold. Recognize that the sooner the home or business owner addresses the water damage problem and contacts their insurance company, usually will work in your favor and results in less damages to your home, saving money.

Do You Need to File an Insurance Claim? - Call ERS First!

If your home or business has suffered a water damage incident, gives us a call before calling the insurance company. Our familiarization and relationships with insurance companies is such that we have established trust with the industry making the process smoother for you.

We provide DIRECT BILLING to your insurance company. Below is a few of the companies we can bill directly. Even if not listed below our pricing program is well recognized by the insurance industry.

Insurance Claim Denied? - We Can Help with Financing!

Emergency Restoration Services works with Green Sky Credit for those faced with a critical repair job and need help with financing.  Green Sky Credit understands the critical nature of this work and works with clients to resolve their problems. Visit our Mold Remediation Financing page for more details.

Mold & Insurance Resources

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